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Lori Stanley
I recently completed Robin’s Intuitive Boundaries Mastery Series. As someone with a Master's in Social Work, I was impressed by the course's practical approach, ease of navigation, and the wealth of insights it offered. What sets this program apart is its practicality. We are all very busy, but this course can easily integrate into your daily life without taking a lot of your time but delivering a significant impact. The course provides a toolkit of practical tips and skill development strategies invaluable for anyone looking to establish healthy boundaries. One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to understand the concepts and practice them in real-life scenarios. The course strikes the perfect balance, offering profound insights without feeling overwhelming or burdensome. It's an excellent resource for individuals seeking to delineate what is acceptable and not in their lives. Whether you're new to boundaries or looking to refine your existing practices, this course can work for you. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in fostering personal growth and well-being.
Lydia Hooper
I would recommend The Intuitive Boundaries Mastery Series for both those new to understanding boundaries and those who find this a perennial topic. The fact that it's self-paced allowed me to learn when it worked best for me, and I found that there was a lot of depth without it being too overwhelming or time-consuming. After taking the course, I now have more awareness of when I'm dealing with boundary issues, and more strategies and tools for responding in ways that work for me.
Sarah Rubinson Levy
I really appreciated Robin's boundary course as it gives really good and useful information without being overwhelming. The combination of the videos, journal prompts, blogs, and other resources gave me the space to delve into the different ideas and topics at my own pace and in my own way. I also appreciated that she gave actual tools that could be used to apply the information to my real life. I would certainly recommend this course for anyone who is new to the world of setting boundaries or who wants to sharpen your knowledge in the area. Robin presents the material in a straight-forward, easily digestible way that really breaks down the important pieces. I, personally, have been on my own boundary journey for the last couple of years, and this course provided great reinforcement of my previous learnings while also presenting material in a way that encouraged me to think a little differently.
Yazyth Norelius
Attending Robin's workshops has has been an amazing experience. I have taken several of her workshops and left feeling empowered, heard, and seen from all of them. I learned to set healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Learned to listen to my intuition which is sometimes in my stomach or my throat. But best of all I learned that my anger is actually sadness or feelings of being hurt. I learned to embrace my sensitivity instead of pushing it away and getting angry. I know my sensitivity is not a weakness but my super power. If you get the opportunity to take one of her workshops DO IT! Highly recommend!!!
Sarah R
Robin has this beautiful way of seeing who I am and making sure I feel good about that before encouraging me to push myself. She deeply understands the ways in which our society socializes women and it informs the way she provides support to women, like myself. Robin expertly supports me in a way that respects my personal boundaries as I push back on these cultural norms in order to achieve my goals. She also validates my lived experiences and helps me cultivate the confidence I need in order to trust my own intuition.
Lyndsay Schulz
When I first met Robin as my therapist, I had recently parted ways with my very first therapist I had been working with off and on for 10 years. What a relief! I didn’t realize how much I was struggling with the connection with my previous therapist until I met Robin. She helped me to connect more with my inner self and trust my intuition (which has always been right, by the way). She encouraged me to use the tools we worked on in our sessions and taught me the importance of setting boundaries to protect my well-being. As a result of my work with Robin, I feel more grounded and confident in my ability to build healthy relationships. And it’s always okay to feel your feelings!
I’m doing much better thanks to you and I hope you can continue to help people!
I couldn't wait to share my overwhelming gratitude, your time and bringing this amazing group of women together. This came at a time when I have been at the lowest in my life. I was hesitant and nervous, thinking I might be too overwhelmed, or quite frankly scare others with my reality. It ended up being an amazing experience and something I looked forward to each meeting. The chance to hear something new, see through a new lens and just be there for someone else. You all did that. THANK YOU!
When I began working with Robin several years ago, I was struggling with issues surrounding past trauma. Because of what happened to me, I was struggling to listen to my intuition. I was having difficulty identifying what my boundaries were and I felt lost and uncomfortable embracing who I am as a person. With Robin's guidance and support over the past several years, I have been able to begin to listen to and trust my intuition and learn about how to set and maintain boundaries. Most importantly, Robin has helped me understand who I am as a highly sensitive person and begin to embrace who I am and see it as my superpower rather than a flaw. With Robin's unwavering support, I now feel more like myself and much more confident in how I show up in the world.
When Robin first introduced me to the concept that I was a highly sensitive person, I wasn’t sure what that meant until I was shown the power of using my gut intuition and embracing the sensitivities. Sure, crowds exhaust me and emotions hit ferociously, but the beautiful thing I gained was a powerful intuition. I learned to trust my gut and know when to leave a person, job, or place. I've proven over and over again that my sensitive intuition is usually correct and to always pay attention to it because it’s a way to help alert me that something isn’t safe. I’m also able to read people extremely well and am highly empathetic- a true superpower if you ask me. If you are aiming to embrace being highly sensitive, and become empowered, I highly recommend Robin!
A year and a half ago, I was broken. My world (inner and outer) felt shattered, painful, and confusing. I embarked on a journey of healing, with you, in a way I never had intentionally mended before… now I am living my best life. The swinging pendulum of confusion is now centered. I feel like I know my purpose in life, and that my current steps are walking me in the right direction.”
Maura O
Working with Robin was a transformational experience for me. I came to Robin feeling exhausted by and out of control of my thoughts and emotions. I was looking for strategies to silence the anxious, emotional parts of me. After working together, I learned that the parts of me that I wanted to push away are some of my greatest strengths. I now have the tools to navigate, understand and work through my emotions instead of being controlled and overwhelmed by them. Our work has made me feel stronger in my relationship with myself, my friends, my family and the world around me. It’s truly been the greatest gift.
I have worked with Robin in numerous capacities over the past several years - 1:1 therapy, guided (intuition) workshop and two different book clubs, although book club is a significant understatement of those experiences. Robin has the ability to create a safe space and cultivate honesty and vulnerability in a 1:1 setting as well as in groups. She also has a knack for bringing together women+ and fostering deep, meaningful connections amongst perfect strangers. I have learned so much about myself, my relationships with others, my ability to create and instill boundaries and my ability to trust myself above all else through my work with Robin. I have also learned to understand and embrace my deeply sensitive nature whereas this was something I previously thought was a bad thing or something I needed to work to overcome. Prepare to see yourself differently. Prepare to be (lovingly) challenged. Prepare to learn more about yourself & others. The world is a more beautiful place because Robin is in it. Take the leap to work with her!