Individual Therapy

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Sometimes we come to a point where we feel like we’ve hit a wall. Maybe you’ve been doing therapy for years, but you still feel like there’s something that needs to break through.

If this feels like where you’re finding yourself, I can help.

I work specifically with female-identified clients who relate to the idea of being a highly-sensitive person, or HSP. Being a sensitive woman in our world can be a traumatizing experience in and of itself. Beyond that, HSPs often play the role of the scapegoat in abusive family systems, simply because they’re more aware of what’s going on. There is nothing wrong with how you were made. I want to help you find your power, connect to your intuition, and step into embracing yourself exactly as you are.

The modalities that I specialize in are meant to help you push through blocks in ways that traditional talk therapy can’t. My expertise is in EMDR and Internal Family Systems therapy, which are both evidence-based approaches that can help you to move past blocks and into deep healing that you can feel in your bones. I am a certified reiki master, and I love to bring energy work into session when the timing is right. I also draw from the Relationship Recovery Process for inner child work. My vibe is irreverent and authentic, and I take great joy in experiencing real connection with my clients.

My approach brings in spirituality, as well as cultural influences like capitalism and the patriarchy. I lean in hard to the spiritual side of healing work, because this is where I believe we can break through our walls. I also believe that we are all shaped in essential ways by our cultural influences. Healing involves confronting the ways that we have been shaped that have dimmed our light. 

I offer traditional individual counseling, as well as “intensives,” which are longer sessions that get into deeper material. Sometimes you need more than an hour to get to the places where healing lives. I currently offer online sessions for residents of Colorado and Oregon.

If this approach resonates for you, reach out to schedule a free consultation.