About EHC

Mission and Vision

Our mission at the Empowered Hearts Collective is to guide and support highly sensitive women as they step into their power. We envision a world where sensitivity is respected and valued. We intend to lead worldwide transformation toward healing and equity. EHC is a "collective" because the goal is not just individual healing, but also connection, mutual support, and profound cultural change. Anyone that moves through individual therapy, coaching, a group, a workshop, or a training becomes a part of that greater collective.

From Robin

"Years ago, I received a goodbye gift from a colleague when I left the mental health agency that we worked at together. The gift was a collage with the image of a woman practicing yoga, with her heart rising to the sun. The quote reads, ‘There is nothing more powerful than a woman with an open heart.’ I still can’t find the source of this quote, but it has stuck with me ever since. That collage sits on my desk to this day.

I truly believe that there is nothing that can have a more positive effect on our world than a population of empowered, intuitive women. I consider myself to be highly sensitive, and have worked joyfully with many highly sensitive folks over the years. After years of individual and small group connection, I was inspired to create a gathering place where we support one another, share our experiences, and embrace and cultivate what makes us different, rather than rejecting or trying to change it.

What I hear most often from HPSs is that it feels like there’s something wrong with them because they're picking up on what others are not, and reacting strongly to it. I’ve gone through some version of this myself many times, and it’s a painful experience. My mission with the Empowered Hearts Collective is to reject the label of 'wrong,' and help people to embrace sensitivity for the superpower that it truly is.

My hope is that the offerings at EHC can help you in that healing and growth process, whether it's through individual work, in a group, or taking a course on your own. The world needs HSPs. I'm here to help you embrace who you are."

Core Beliefs

At the Empowered Hearts Collective, the mission extends beyond the individual. This work is part of a major global shift that we are all experiencing together. 

We believe:

  • Empowering and healing ourselves leads to an empowered and healed collective.
  • "There is nothing more powerful than a woman with an open heart.”
  •  Honesty is love, and the truth will set you free. 
What Does It Mean to Be Highly Sensitive?

The term “highly sensitive person” (HSP) has come into the public discourse in recent years, leading to many “ah hah” moments for HSPs. Highly sensitive people are tuned into the world at a higher volume. They experience feelings and sensations more intensely, and are acutely tuned in to the energy around them. 

Being highly sensitive can be a lot to deal with. That’s why we need each other. We’re here to help relieve shame and stigma so we can tap into our power and embrace who we are.

Maybe you’ve heard this before -

  • “You should be happy with the way things are.”
  • “You’re just making up problems.”
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You’ve probably gotten these labels before too -

  • Difficult
  • Problematic
  • Critical
  • Never happy
  • Overly sensitive (duh)

On the other hand, you’ve probably noticed that people come to you for comfort and understanding. You might also be aware that you see things on a deeper level. Your predictions come true, and your gut sense about people and situations turns out to be right… every time. People are drawn to you like a magnet for your insight and depth, but then might feel like it’s all too much when it gets real. 

People don’t always like a mirror. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) absorb and reflect what’s going on around them. The truth can be difficult, painful, and inconvenient. HSPs feel those truths deep in their bones. They also feel into beauty, love, and compassion at a megawatt level. Being an HSP is like turning up the empathy volume to an 11.


Two of the main topics of focus at EHC are boundaries and intuition, and the coursework and offerings reflect that focus. 


Highly sensitive women are drawn to helping others. We have high levels of empathy, and care deeply about people, animals, and the natural world. The problems come when our boundaries are crossed. It’s essential for HSPs to protect our energy. In fact, we can offer more good to the world when we do.  


For highly sensitive people, honing our intuition connects us to our super power. Owning and trusting our guts means taking charge and leaning in. Here we believe that we can fundamentally trust ourselves, and that we open up to a world of possibilities when we do so.

How to Engage

At the Empowered Hearts Collective, our approach is multilayered. If you’d like to dip your toes in the water, check out the blog for valuable insights on mental health, boundaries, spirituality, coping tools, and more. You can also dive in deeper with individual therapy, courses, coaching, groups, and workshops, all designed to educate and empower you in your journey. Let’s build a new world together!