EHC is all about connection. Groups are an amazing way to connect with like-minded souls and deepen learning. 

Groups are kept small to nurture genuine connection and vulnerability. There is something magical about sharing your experience with others. 

By receiving support, we learn that others have been through it too, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When we give support, we learn that we have more to offer than we might have thought, and confirm our commitment to growth. 

Boundaries Empowerment Group
The Boundaries Empowerment group brings together women that are taking or have taken the Intuitive Boundaries Mastery Series, and want to take it a step further. In this group, we’ll review the content of the course, unpack it together, and support one another. Join us for this powerful experience of mutual growth and learning, and connect with some amazing people.
Reach out to learn about upcoming groups and how to join