Healing and empowerment for HSP women.

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You are right where you need to be. The Empowered Hearts Collective is a place for highly sensitive women+ to find healing, guidance, and connection. Being highly sensitive can feel isolating, but you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with the way you were made.

Here you can:

  • Transform and rewire through EMDR
  • Heal with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Protect your energy through boundary setting
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My name is Robin Arnett. Healing and empowering women has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am a therapist, coach, EMDR Approved Consultant, clinical supervisor, and reiki master with a deep passion for helping women to grow into the truest, most authentic versions of themselves. I hold two graduate degrees from Columbia University, and I am licensed in Oregon and Colorado as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW.

In my work, I draw on over fifteen years of experience working in clinical settings, consulting, and education. I take a trauma-informed approach that combines spirituality with evidence and logic. My work has taken me all over the world, from Ecuador to Uganda, Nicaragua, Washington, DC, Denver, and New York City. I am currently based in Bend, Oregon, spending as much time outdoors as I possibly can. I'd love to join you along your journey

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Sensitivity is a super power.

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There is nothing wrong with the way you were made.

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